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Re: Start up scripts

On Mar 4, Henry Hollenberg wrote:
> in /etc/init.d/netbase:
> comment out the portmap daemon, don't need to do RPC.
> I'm not sure why the script exits if /usr/sbin/portmap does not exist.

The /etc/init.d/netbase script will not be removed when you remove
the netbase package. It will only be removed when you purge the
package. The test makes sure that the script will simply exit when
the binaries are not available.

> Can't /usr/sbin/initd run stand-alone?

inetd can run standalone.

> I figure we need keep /usr/sbin/initd to invoke smtp services for
> connection requests to port 25.

If you don't need inetd for other services it would be better to forget
inetd and use the smtp program in standalone mode.



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