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summerschool city center (Drift 21) (was: Re: Utrecht Debian meetup, Sunday July 4)


Op Fri  2 Jul 2010 om 02:17:08 +0200 schreef Thijs Kinkhorst:
> On Fri, July 2, 2010 13:44, Ralf Treinen wrote:
> > The summerschool is in the city center (Drift 21).
> > Sunday evening seems the best option to me, if that's OK for you.
> That would suit me best aswell.
> Are there other interested people on this list? Please speak up :-)
> Will you still need to eat then? Since Drift is located very conveniently
> for getting something to eat or drink, I propose that I/we just meet you
> at the front of the building and walk from there.

Time of meetup TBA, Thijs told me.  Anyway: I'll be there.



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