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Re: [debian.nl] [elaan@dds.nl: Bug#242495: about your Debian installation report]

On Sun, Oct 17, 2004 at 10:30:22AM +0200, Erik C.J. Laan wrote:
> >
> >At #debian-boot was a message about a RAID controller to be delivered in 
> >the
> >Netherlands, I assume that it is the same.
> >
> >>regards,
> >>	Olivier Sessink
> >
> >Geert Stappers
> Is #debian-boot an IRC channel? I'm not on IRC, that's why I didn't see 
> that message, but I have already received a mail from some interested 
> party in the Netherlands. He is part of the d-i team, does translation 
> work and test-installations. Joey Hess had send my offer to him. I think 
> the hardware will be in good hands. He does not live in my home-town or 
> any of the place's I work, but happens to live near a place I need to go 
> to today and tomorrow, so I've already promised him the hardware. I'll 
> bring it to him this afternoon. I'm sorry if this disappoints anybody.

Dat klinkt als Frans Pop, dan is de card in goede handen.

> Erik.

Geert Stappers

#debian-boot is inderdaad een IRC channel.

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