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[debian.nl] [elaan@dds.nl: Bug#242495: about your Debian installation report]

Om de debian-installer verder aan de praat te krijgen.

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From: "Erik C.J. Laan" <elaan@dds.nl>
To: 242495@bugs.debian.org
Subject: Bug#242495: about your Debian installation report
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 23:28:16 +0200
Reply-To: "Erik C.J. Laan" <elaan@dds.nl>, 242495@bugs.debian.org
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Joey Hess wrote:
>Hello, I'm writing you because you filed an installation report a while ago
>on an old version of the debian installer. Your installation report was 
>and can be viewed online at <http://bugs.debian.org/242495>.
>Since you filed that report, we have released several much improved
>versions of the installer, including our first Release Candidate. We are in
>the final stages of preparing our second Release Candidate. I suspect that
>most or all of the problems you reported are fixed in the latest version of
>the installer, but we currently lack the manpower to check every
>installation report. So, I'd appreciate your help. 
>If you can, please go to <http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer> and
>download the latest release of the installer. Try another install and see
>if the problem you reported is still present. If you're able to test this,
>please send a mail to 242495@bugs.debian.org and report whether the problems
>you reported are fixed, or still present.
>If you're unable to do this test for whatever reason, please send a mail to
>242495@bugs.debian.org and let us know, and we will try to look at your 
>in more detail.
>Thanks for your installation report and for your time.


I'm sorry but I can not to this installation test again because the 
Megaraid hardware cannot be connected to any working machine anymore 
(slots full). I also don't think I can make the time to do a timely 
test. But I am willing to donate this Megaraid hardware (disks, 
enclosure, controller and cable) to any person willing to do the 
testing. This offer is not only for the tests, but permanent. I live in 
The Hague, the Netherlands, and work in the north of Rotterdam and 
Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, so can bring this hardware with me to give it to 
someone living or working in (the vicinity of) any of these places.

HTH, Erik.

Erik C.J. Laan				elaan at dds.nl
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