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Re: Debian@BALUG :-) ...


I'd like to get item out on the BALUG "announce" list fairly soon (like
sometime today, or not later than sometime tomorrow).

For title and/or description of the talk/presentation ...
Did you have something more, or quite specific in mind yet?
I was also thinking I could give it a relatively open title/description,
so you'd still be quite free to adjust exactly what you'd be covering and

I was thinking perhaps a title/description roughly like ...:
Don Armstrong will be giving us a presentation on:
What's this Debian thing?  What's so cool and interesting about it?
And other interesting stuff.

Something roughly like that - and/or at least rather to quite Debian
specific could also be well promoted as a "Debian" event (at BALUG) at
LinuxWorld (e.g. via the Debian booth), and also to BAD folks and such
too (the BAD folks didn't meet this month - so perhaps they're itching to
go to a Debian or Debian related meeting in the Bay Area this month :-)).

I also put together the little (1/4 page, double sided) "flyer" last year
promoting the BAD meeting last year - I could do likewise for the
Debian@BALUG event this year.  That seemed to give us a pretty good
turnout at the BAD meeting last year (roughly 100 to 200% boost compared
to our more typical attendance) - I'd expect such a "boost" in attendance
at BALUG might be somewhat similar ... but maybe not quite as much, as it's
a wee bit more of a trek there (about 20 minute stroll - I think the BAD
meeting was about a 15 minute stroll ... the BAD meeting was also timed
to work a bit better with BoF schedules - unfortunately the BALUG
meeting times are locked in, so we can't work the timing coordination
quite as optimally with BALUG - but it's still not too bad in that regard).

Also let me know if there's anything in particular you'd want me to put in
as a shortish (e.g. about 1 to 3 sentences) blurb of a mini-bio of your
background - mostly as relevant to the talk.  I can also sprinkle in
links / references to links on your web site (e.g. your "projects" page).
I'll probably work up a "draft" of the BALUG announcement before sending it out,
so you'd probably get a chance to review it and suggest any final tweaks
you would like to see made to it (likewise to any change on the description
of the talk and such on the main BALUG web site).

Oh, also, should I ask folks if they have any specific Debian or Debian
related items they'd like to see covered in talk/presentation, to
post it on the BALUG "talk" list - which is publicly archived, and you
can look at the stuff there (it's fairly low volume list - at least as of
relatively recently - though sometimes it has little bursts of activity),
and/or have them e-mail you directly?

Let me know your thoughts and such on what we should state for topic, etc.,
and if you have any questions, etc.

Thanks again.


Michael Paoli

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