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RE: Debian stuff for LWCE SF

> I saw your mail (quite belatedly) about CDs for LWCE. Are you 
> intending to offer some? I can't quite make out the intent of 
> your message, but since it got forwarded on, chances are you 
> are probably offering them ;)

I own AlmostFreeLinux.com a CD retailer and also use Debian quite heavily.
I worked with Adam last year to provide some CDs for a New York show.  These
CDs were co-branded, they had our logo and the Debian logo on them.  My
motivation is two-fold: to help the Debian project and to bring awareness of
my business to Linux fans.

> * By the time LWCE rolls by we will most likely want to give out
>   Sarge CDs (if possible; otherwise latest snapshots. Who knows when
>   this stupid release will happen) When do you want ISOs by? Later is
>   better, because bugs tend to get fixed over time. :)

The best situation would be to get me ISOs 3 to 4 weeks before the show.
This gives me plenty of time to produce the CDs and get them to you.  Let me
know what kind of demand you think there will be for discs and I can let you
know what I can provide.

> * Promotional materials: Yes. This would be nice. A rough idea of what
>   would be good: (more brainstorming follows)
>   - A large (~36" x ??) poster with the Debian Open Use Logo [1] on it
>   - A pamphlet or brochure kind of thing describing the new 
> features in
>     upcoming Sarge
>   - Who knows? Debian swirl stickers to put on people's heads, or
>     something? Anything goes, really...

I see from Matt's reply he is taking care of T-Shirts and has a couple
banners.  I could provide you with some Debian stickers or a small number of
(50) t-shirts... Maybe as part of a contest?

Let me know what I can do...

Thank you,
Bryan Brannigan

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