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Re: Debian stuff for LWCE SF

Joshua Kwan writes...

> * Promotional materials: Yes. This would be nice. A rough idea of what
>   would be good: (more brainstorming follows)
>   - A large (~36" x ??) poster with the Debian Open Use Logo [1] on it

I have two 20"x26" vinyl banners that can be used.

>   - A pamphlet or brochure kind of thing describing the new features in
>     upcoming Sarge

We've had some good ones at LWENY in the past, check the d-e-na archive for 
the url. I also made some Debian "business cards" that had the open-use logo 
on one side and a few facts about debian on the other. I'll post the source 
soon and might be able to print and cut out a bunch of them.

>   - Who knows? Debian swirl stickers to put on people's heads, or
>     something? Anything goes, really...

I've been meaning to get some stickers done, but I don't know if I'll have 
time before the show. Anybody want to do this?

I am doing the T-shirts.

> Disclaimer: I have never (helped) organize one of these events before,
> EVER. I assume that you are a man of experience. Do be liberal in
> correcting me :)

Like everything else is Debian there are always a ton of people willing to get 
behind you once you stand up to lead something. You see it's harder to get hit 
by the arrows if you're standing behind someone :)

Matt Taggart

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