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Debian stuff for LWCE SF

Hi Bryan,

I saw your mail (quite belatedly) about CDs for LWCE. Are you intending
to offer some? I can't quite make out the intent of your message, but
since it got forwarded on, chances are you are probably offering them ;)

OK, so...

* By the time LWCE rolls by we will most likely want to give out
  Sarge CDs (if possible; otherwise latest snapshots. Who knows when
  this stupid release will happen) When do you want ISOs by? Later is
  better, because bugs tend to get fixed over time. :)

  Offering Woody would not be a good PR step at all, but it would be
  even worse if we handed out broken Sarge CDs.

  I don't want to ask for too much, but it would also be very cool to
  have Debian-logo labels on the CDs. They can then evolve from being
  CD-Rs to collectible items ;) How possible is that? I'm just
  brainstorming here.

* Promotional materials: Yes. This would be nice. A rough idea of what
  would be good: (more brainstorming follows)

  - A large (~36" x ??) poster with the Debian Open Use Logo [1] on it
  - A pamphlet or brochure kind of thing describing the new features in
    upcoming Sarge
  - Who knows? Debian swirl stickers to put on people's heads, or
    something? Anything goes, really...

Hans Uhlig and Don Armstrong can probably add some more ideas to these
suggestions. It is all very nebulous at this point in time and we should
fix that ASAP...

Disclaimer: I have never (helped) organize one of these events before,
EVER. I assume that you are a man of experience. Do be liberal in
correcting me :)

Thanks for your support ...? I hope you're offering, and not just asking

Joshua Kwan

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