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FrOSCon 2007, 25th-26th August, St.Augustin, Germany


i was asked today in the company if i would be willing to run a Debian
booth at FrOSCon 2007 at 25th-26th of August, in St. Augustin (near
Bonn), Germany. We are also offered a DevRoom, where we could run our
own miniConf in. I said i would be run a booth under the precondition, i
would be not the only one to run and organize this booth. 

We had a booth at FrOSCon already last year, which was quite an
interesting Con, small, but high quality talks from many projects.

So i hereby ask:

1) Who would be willing to help organizing a booth?
2) Who would be willing to give talks in our DevRoom?

If there aren't enough contributors by June 30th, i will cancel our
presence at FrOSCon, which would be a real pity.


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