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Re: Debian-Projekt auf der ApacheCon? [lars@apache.org]


On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 08:47:37PM +0200, Meike Reichle wrote:
> I think, in order to do decent planning and preperations we should soon
> decide whether or not Debian will be represented at ApacheCon. So far we
> have one person who can definitely come (me) and another one who could, but
> is actually on holiday (Alexander).

Hmmm, maybe Alexander can come, too. I heard rumours... ;-)

> However, both of us are not directly concerned with apache.
> This raises a few questions:
> 1) Is that enough?

Don't think so.

> 2) Who else (especially of these who are "apache-competent") could come?

It seems as if getting those days free is possible for me, so I would
like to come, too. I also bring some Apache and even Debian Apache
knowledge with me. (But this knowledge is mostly restricted to Woody
Apache knowledge yet. ;-)

Since it seems that the booth's still in danger, I can't say no
anymore. (Tolimar already knows that I may be available. :-)

The only thing which still could happen, is that I'm not available the
complete three days. I'll probably drive to Stuttgart on Wednesday
morning, so there should bei someone earlier than me.

> 3) If we do go there what needs to be done/organised/prepared ...

A) Boxes and other related equipment:

Some boxes with Debian and Apache, yes. ;-)

I have no idea how many visitors we have to expect and how big the
booth will be, so it's hard to guess how many exhibition pieces we
should have.

I'll probably bring a AMD K6 500 with Sarge (and if necessary a 20"
Sony CRT) on which an Apache with Slashcode has to be setup and my
cute little 133 MHz Pentium I ThinkPad running good ol' Woody with
me. Additionally I can provide one or two switches, a 20m TP cable,
some smaller TP cables, some Mehrfachsteckdosen (what's that in
English?), etc.

But this isn't enough, I guess. A decent box or two with flat screens
and/or a beamer are always fine. Tolimar: Any Standard Debian Booth
Equipment available for this booth?

B) Network and power connections.

Tolimar: Anything you know or should I contact Lars regarding this and
probably other questions

C) Booth furniture.

We need a few seats and tables. Do we get this from the conference
organisers as usual?

D) A place to sleep.

I guess there isn't an AKK in Stuttgart, too. (I like to sleep in
AKKs. ;-) Maybe I can ask some people I know in Stuttgart, but this is
probably a short term option, because I meet most of them just the
weekend before ApacheCon. So if anyone else has good connections to
people living or even lives him or herself in or around Stuttgart it
would be nice, to check, if there is some place left for us to
sleep. I think, everything up to 25km is ok. (My brother lives about
90km away, so I think this isn't a real option.)

E) Evening program!

I heard that there are nice possibilities to visit pubs with Apache
celebrities. ;-)

F) Caffeine

Anyones how the caffeine support at ApacheCon looks like? ;-)

		Regards, Axel
Axel Beckert - abe@deuxchevaux.org - http://abe.home.pages.de/

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