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Re: Apology to Joey and taking of full responsibility


Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Some might know, I missed my very own "Paybacktime - Wie man seinem
> Projekt helfen kann" talk on the last day of LinuxTag.  Running on
> coffee, haven't slept much I refused to take responsibility for that
> guessing, that it might be the fault of unfortunate circumstances (while
> moving "my" part of the coding marathon from Friday to Saturday) and
> Joey (since I thought then, he gave me a time slot I hadn't asked for).
> Sadly I have been so aroused, that I used dirty words on Joey in public.

Umh?  Well, I do make mistakes as well, so...

> After checking all the previous mails I found out indeed Joey did
> exactly as I told him to to.
> So I hereby take the full responsibility for missing my own talk, and I
> apologize deeply to Joey.

No.  It's at least 50% my fault and my responsibility since I have
overloaded you.  You don't need to take full responsibility for that
failure.  We'll do better next time.  I hope you've had a lot of fun

> Joey, I'm terrible sorry for doing so (especially since you weren't
> there).

You could call me at any time during the show, you know? :)

> PS:  No excuse, but a simple question out of curiosity:  The community forum where I was
> about to to the talk, had a moderator (at least it had so the other day,
> when I did an other talk).  Why didn't they phoned me or asked at our
> booth, when I didn't came to my talk?

Good question.  I was phoned by the moderator one hour late.  If I
would have been informed in time, I could have rushed in and give
the talk on my own.  Without slides and stuff but with a good
explanation why you couldn't make it so nobody would lose ones face.



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