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While we are at feedback..


I got the following link via irc, and I thought you might be interessted
in it, too:

For those who don't understand german, he is telling about his visit of
different boothes at LinuxTag, and that he wasn't very satisfied by many
of them.  He writes about the Debian booth:

"Those at Debian were in my humbly opinion the best.  You could ask them
and got a usefull answer, and if they didn't know it, they invited you
to their chat or to write an email."

Gentleman, I'm honoured to be part of your team, and it was again nice
to work with you.  A big thanks to Ganneff, Joey, Zobel, Myon and Youam
for doing the organisation stuff, and of course to the sponsors for
making it all possible.  Thanks!

Yours sincerely,


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