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Apology to Joey and taking of full responsibility


Some might know, I missed my very own "Paybacktime - Wie man seinem
Projekt helfen kann" talk on the last day of LinuxTag.  Running on
coffee, haven't slept much I refused to take responsibility for that
guessing, that it might be the fault of unfortunate circumstances (while
moving "my" part of the coding marathon from Friday to Saturday) and
Joey (since I thought then, he gave me a time slot I hadn't asked for).

Sadly I have been so aroused, that I used dirty words on Joey in public.

After checking all the previous mails I found out indeed Joey did
exactly as I told him to to.

So I hereby take the full responsibility for missing my own talk, and I
apologize deeply to Joey.

Joey, I'm terrible sorry for doing so (especially since you weren't

Hope I to never fail you all again,

PS:  No excuse, but a simple question out of curiosity:  The community forum where I was
about to to the talk, had a moderator (at least it had so the other day,
when I did an other talk).  Why didn't they phoned me or asked at our
booth, when I didn't came to my talk?

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