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Re: Organising the booth at LinuxTag

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, Alexander Schmehl wrote:

Uhm... I could say, that I was a soldier myself, and that I never killed
anyone nor invaded any country.  And I could say, that it's not the
soldiers that kill people and invade other countries, because they are
just tools, which with politicians do such things.
I will not take part in a flamewar but I do absolutely not share your
point of view.  (I was a soldier myself but my chances to avoid that were
drastically lower in the former GDR.)

But instead unleashing a complete off topic flamewar, I just say, that I
have absolute no problem with the design.  I like this comic style
design and the colour.
Back to the topic:
Besides the questionable content I do not like the design.

Kind regards


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