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Re: Organising the booth at LinuxTag

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [050608 11:14]:

> As long as it's a soldier and properly recognisable I won't like
> it and I cannot approve it.  Guess what, plastic soldiers represent
> real soldiers that kill people and invade other countries for
> whatever reason, non-existing weapons, existing oil, power, ego
> or whatnot.  I cannot approve this.

Uhm... I could say, that I was a soldier myself, and that I never killed
anyone nor invaded any country.  And I could say, that it's not the
soldiers that kill people and invade other countries, because they are
just tools, which with politicians do such things.  And I could point
out, that from time to time, soldiers do usefull things (e.g. during the
Oder/Neise flood).

But instead unleashing a complete off topic flamewar, I just say, that I
have absolute no problem with the design.  I like this comic style
design and the colour.

Yours sincerely,


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