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Re: Organising the booth at LinuxTag

On 10312 March 1977, Martin Schulze wrote:

>> > I talked to somebody from debian-women a while ago who was an artist and
>> > seemed interested in creating artwork for that.  I can dig up that
>> > conversation and ask back if there is still need.
>> We actually have several "artists" among us ;)
>> If it is wanted and needed I can ask around and see if I can find someone to
>> design a nice cover (I have a few people in the back of my head who might be
>> interested)
> I've seen that Lenart posted the links.  Please take a look at the current
> artwork.  If you can improve it, please do, in coordination with him.

Just to note: Please *only* in coordination. :)
But if you have something to say - please be fast, there isnt much time

Write here, Lennart is subscribed to the list.

(Yes Joey, I know that you hate the reference to the Sarge, but guess
how the release on that thing is called? :) ).

bye Joerg
Some AM after a mistake:
Sigh.  One shouldn't AM in the early AM, as it were.  <grin>

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