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[LT Infomail#7] Forum, Workshops, Beamer, Pro-Linux, Deliveries, Social Event - Debian

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Forum and Workshops

   For the first time we will have the chance to maintain a community
   forum in the foyer of the conference building as well. This forum
   is intended for a more general audience than the workshop rooms, so
   more general talks could and should be given there. Since it is in
   the exhibition area the forum is also easier to reach by the

   There are still a few free slots both in the [1]workshop schedule
   as well as in the [2]forum schedule which can be filled with
   interesting talks or sessions (workshops, birds-of-a-feather
   sessions, meetings etc.) for the workshop rooms.

   1. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2005/workshops.php3
   2. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2005/forum.php3

2. Video Projector

   Thanks to Carsten we now have one beamer (video projector) for the
   workshop rooms. Since we need two and one more for the forum, I'm
   still in need of two video projectors for the projects conference
   schedule. For the remaining workshop room it would even be
   sufficient if the beamer would only be available from Thursday to
   Saturday. As usual, there's always a trusted and dedicated person
   in the room who will look after the beamer so it isn't left alone.

3. Reports at Pro-Linux

   Together with the German news site [3]Pro-Linux we have agreed to
   feature the LinuxTag before it actually starts in order to help
   potential visitors get an idea of what they can expect at the show.
   For this I need your input if you would like your project to be
   featured there as well.

   3. http://www.pro-linux.de/

   If you have interesting programs, tools, gadgets or else to
   demonstrate at the booth and can write down a description, please
   do so and write up an article in German (2-6 kB). Please send it to
   me when you're done. I can glance over it before I forward it to
   Pro-Linux. This is sortof urgent, since there are less than two
   weeks left until I head down to LinuxTag. I won't have a stable
   enough network connection in two weeks.

   If you have a chance to place articles or announcements on other
   places, please don't hesitate and announce your presence at
   LinuxTag. The more people get attracted the better for us all and
   you'll benefit from more interested visitors.

4. Deliveries

   It is possible to send packaged stuff to LinuxTag independent of
   your own arrival. However, the exhibition is large and even spread
   into two buildings. If there's nobody knowing about the packages,
   they cannot be taken care of properly. Please ensure that they will
   not be delivered before Monday as nobody's there before.

   Therefore, please only use the address given [4]here and please
   inform Joey about the deliveries you expect, so he can route them
   to your booth, even if the address is mangled (common case).

   4. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2005/faq.html#stuff

   Hence, please tell him who sends the packages, who should receive
   the stuff and what kind of content is in. Joey will act as
   dispatcher anyway, but can only accept and dispatch stuff properly
   he knows about.

   If you can add a contact person, add "Herr Schulze". If you can add
   a phone number for the recipient, please add 0631-3109371, which
   will be routed to the LinuxTag office in Karlsruhe and at least
   partially to Joey's mobile phone.

5. Social Event Tickets

   As you might have guessed already, the number of 150 pre-registered
   sponsored (hence reduced fee) tickets for the social event has been
   reached already. I am very sorry as it is not possible to extend
   this number without a sponsor.

   All of you who have signed up for the reduced tickets can fetch
   them from Monday to Thursday in the exhibitors office above the
   Gartenhalle, that's our regular office. We'll have a list of names
   to know who should get sponsored tickets.

   Normal tickets for the social event are only available at the info
   desk in the foyer of the Gartenhalle near the entrance. Please keep
   in mind that these two sets of tickets (sponsored and normal) are
   not mixed up, so you can't get both at one location.

All the best and see you at LinuxTag,


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