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Re: CeBIT booth


* Thomas Templin <templin@gnuwhv.de> [050329 12:07]:

> On Sunday 27 March 2005 01:04, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Uups, is this another lost in draft email?
> I got this mail at 28 March 11:50am...

University mail-server malfunction, admins on easter holiday.  Any
further questions?

> > - Food:  Well, this year it was a bit low, but it's normaly
> >   hardly possible to pay your food yourself during CeBIT
> I did my very best, not more than buns, but better than 
> nothing... :) And there was a quite good catering at the end of 
> every day.

Hey, isn't that what CeBIT is for?  To scounge off other boothes? ;)

> I was offered a 20,-EUR donation four times, so I gave a poster on 
> top. What was seen very positive by the donators. (I'm still 
> waiting for someone who will post this on a news list :)

I did so sometimes as well.

> Due to the experiences we made at Skolelinux boothes you can expect 
> a fair donation. Most people accept to donate at least five EUR for 
> CD's and other stuff we offer. But if you don't ask for a donation 
> you will get none...
> This allows us to give much more people the chance to be present at 
> a Skolelinux booth and promote free software, e.g. ~20 people at 
> LinuxTag Chemnitz this year.

As long as we get our DVDs sponsored, I don't like to see a general "DVD
for x EUR"-rule.  Since Debians DVDs are normaly sponsored (while
Skolelinux burns their DVDs themself), the idea of taking donations for
the DVDs was to have a small protecive barrier against "pack rats" /
"oposums" / "Beutelratten".  And I would not like to change that

What do you suggest?  That we make a big announcement, to invite people
for the next event?  Don't we do that currently?

Yours sincerely,

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