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Re: CeBIT booth

Moin moin
On Sunday 27 March 2005 01:04, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
Uups, is this another lost in draft email?
I got this mail at 28 March 11:50am...

> * Thomas Templin <templin@gnuwhv.de> [050324 01:11]:
> > The question for me is how could we avoid this in the future?
> > I would suggest to invite Anaxagoras, the original poster of
> > disappointment, http://linuxlog.de/user/Anaxagoras, to join us
> > at one of our next events promoting Debian.
> Nice idea.
> > But for this Debian, better a lot of Debian people, have to
> > leave it's position of social Darwinism which says that only
> > people who pay all the bills by their own are allowed to
> > participate in a booth.
> Who ever said this?  Hell, no!  Take the CeBIT example:
> - Accomodation: By private, for free
> - Train-Ticket: Ask FFIS, paid by donation
Oh, didn't know that.
> - Food:  Well, this year it was a bit low, but it's normaly
>   hardly possible to pay your food yourself during CeBIT
I did my very best, not more than buns, but better than 
nothing... :) And there was a quite good catering at the end of 
every day.

> I don't know of any case, where someone said: "I'm willing to be
> there and do that, but need a trainticket" who didn't got one.
May be I don't explain it clear enought, my pidgin english... *sigh*

I'm not talking about CeBIT fair in this particular example. 
What was my intention to mention was the circumstance that there are 
Debian People who strictly deprecate a stronger motivation of 
visitors to donate Debian. I've been told several times that most  
everything should be done / given away for free.
I was offered a 20,-EUR donation four times, so I gave a poster on 
top. What was seen very positive by the donators. (I'm still 
waiting for someone who will post this on a news list :)

Due to the experiences we made at Skolelinux boothes you can expect 
a fair donation. Most people accept to donate at least five EUR for 
CD's and other stuff we offer. But if you don't ask for a donation 
you will get none...

This allows us to give much more people the chance to be present at 
a Skolelinux booth and promote free software, e.g. ~20 people at 
LinuxTag Chemnitz this year.

By doing so younger fellows will have a much bigger chance 
(motivation) to take part at such events. But what will be much 
more positive on the long run (e.g. aspect of motivation) is that 
we will be able to give young people the chance to make their first 
steps in a approved crew who are familiar in presenting Debian. 
Some kind of trainee programm for the next generation, which also 
might be a starting point for a supervision / tutorial I suggested 
in my first mail.

IMHO this is / will be the diference between waiting for people who 
will start promoting free software by their own or giving a helping 
hand to those who are interested to have a more active part in the 
(not only, Debian) community. 


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