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Re: CeBIT booth

* Thomas Templin <templin@gnuwhv.de> [050324 01:11]:

> The question for me is how could we avoid this in the future?
> I would suggest to invite Anaxagoras, the original poster of 
> disappointment, http://linuxlog.de/user/Anaxagoras, to join us at one 
> of our next events promoting Debian.

Nice idea.

> But for this Debian, better a lot of Debian people, have to leave it's 
> position of social Darwinism which says that only people who pay all 
> the bills by their own are allowed to participate in a booth.

Who ever said this?  Hell, no!  Take the CeBIT example:
- Accomodation:	By private, for free
- Train-Ticket:	Ask FFIS, paid by donation
- Food:		Well, this year it was a bit low, but it's normaly
		hardly possible to pay your food yourself during CeBIT

I don't know of any case, where someone said: "I'm willing to be there
and do that, but need a trainticket" who didn't got one.

Yours sincerely,


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