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Re: Debian at Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2005

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, Thomas Templin wrote:

Thats a very good example and another problem of most Debian DD's I
see. Wait until someone does the work for you you don't like to do.
Well, I see just no reason to beg people to use what I wrote for
them.  Why should I.  I have not even time to develop all things
I want to develop.  Can you tell me any reason why should I go
araound and beg people to use something they do not want to use
according to their own opinion?  Hey, if it would be a job I would
be payed for I might have to do this.  But I decided to leave
this job for anyone else - and I guess it is a job you can perfectly
live from but **I** do not want to live from this job neither do
I want to spend my spare time with it.

If I read 'Just go for it' I ask myself, why should I.
You don't get the intention of my suggestions.
Partnership means to work together for the benefit of all

'Just go for it' says to me, 'The work is mine the pearls are yours.'
Well, I think I did a certain amount of work and I just got
the kind of pearls I really want: The thanks of a small but good amount
of users and developers.  I do not want other pearls and I neither do
want asking people to give me more / other pearls - I just want to
continue working the way I feel it is reasonable.

Kind regards



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