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Re: Debian at Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2005

On Tuesday 08 March 2005 15:20, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, Thomas Templin wrote:
> > May be it's an Idea to have some kind of DEBIAN-Universe Poster
> > which shows all Debian cdd's in a map like style. And where all
> > connections are shown by linking lines like a mesh / net.
> This sounds like a good idea.  Any artists around?
> > Not only the original debian cdd's but also the debian flavours
> > which where offered by companies, eg. EROSS-3 of credativ in the
> > public sector and others. This will show that debian is a
> > platform which generates a common good on which companies set up
> > their own buisines, aside giving support for "the Debian" itself.
> The problem is to decide which to include and which not.  There are
> several "real" (= Debian internal) CDDs which exist more or less
> "on paper". Moreover there might be many derivatives of Debian out
> there which we do not even know of.  Just think of the uncountable
> amount of Knoppix derivatives, which fall in princeple below the
> criteriumyou mentioned.
Knoppix is an universe of its own, at least it's becoming an universe 
of its own.
But diferent universe's could be shown as bubbles, a bit like bathing 
foam. :-)
Which is quite close to what state of the art amongst cosmologists / 
in cosmology.
> > Doing so this might give 'political' arguments to people of the
> > public sector or governmental institutions.
> >
> > - It may help people to see which cdd is the best for their needs
> In principle yes - but as I said it has to be taken with a grain of
> salt.
> > - It may cause some confusion for visitors.
> We should ensure that booth personal is able to clarify this.
> Unfortunately I noticed that even DDs sometimes do not know
> anything about CDDs.
That's one of the biggest problem Debian has. There are only a 
handfull DD's who are good presenters.
As I like to say, "The more geniality the more they tend to behave 
autistic." :-))

> > - It might be a chance to winn more people to support Debian. So
> > my medicus / doctor always asks me "Whats new in Debian med?". :)
> > I introduced debian-med to her last year.
> Nice.  But to be honest: If he wants to manage his practice with
> Debian-Med I can not give him a good advise even for Edge - at
> least if we get Edge out in say the next 5 years.
Thats what I told her too.
May be we should start to look for allied partners who will give the 
reccources to enforce debian-med developing. 
Have you ever introduced debian-med to developing countries, eg. by 
visiting their national boothes on CeBIT fair and trying to find 
someone who will listen to your offers?
If not, you may find me at CeBIT...

> >  BTW. I think that debian-med has the perspective to become as
> >  successful as skolelinux / Debian Edu. The costs of software in
> > the medical field are horrible here in germany.
> _IF_ there are people who join efforts like GnuMed to build a solid
> practice management system, I'm very optimistic.  But currently the
> manpower here is quite low.  Currently it is much more important to
> help those Upstream programs.  Inclusion into Debian id fairly
> cheap (even if not easy) compared to this.
As always, the one and only problem are reccources...
What have you done to dig for?
Do you know someone who may assist you in digging for reccources?


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