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Re: Debian at Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2005

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, Thomas Templin wrote:

Knoppix is an universe of its own, at least it's becoming an universe
of its own.
But diferent universe's could be shown as bubbles, a bit like bathing
foam. :-)
Which is quite close to what state of the art amongst cosmologists /
in cosmology.
I see it like you - but where to draw the borderline?

That's one of the biggest problem Debian has. There are only a
handfull DD's who are good presenters.
As I like to say, "The more geniality the more they tend to behave
autistic." :-))
Well, the other reason might be that they just work on different fields
and just do not have any time to learn about CDDs.

May be we should start to look for allied partners who will give the
reccources to enforce debian-med developing.
As I said: At first wee need upstream development.

Have you ever introduced debian-med to developing countries, eg. by
visiting their national boothes on CeBIT fair and trying to find
someone who will listen to your offers?
If not, you may find me at CeBIT...
I'll be at CeBIT on 15. + 16. 4.  But I refuse to do advertising for
Debian-Med.  I'm sorry, I'm a very bad salesman and if people *want*
the stuff I'm offering for free and what I persent on several events
(see my talks listing) they can have it.  I will not go to them and
try to convince anybody.
But some of them noticed the work ...

As always, the one and only problem are reccources...
What have you done to dig for?
I always "redirect" people from Debian-Med to GnuMed.

Do you know someone who may assist you in digging for reccources?
Just go for it



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