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Re: FOSDEM talk schedule, and some more things.


* Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> [050129 13:22]:

> The other thing you should do is pick up some merchandising items the
> people in Germany have made.  They have some nice Debian thingies you
> can put around your neck.

I think the nice Debian thingies you can put arround your neck (or let
them just let them hang out of your trousers in a cool way) are called
"keychains" ;)

IIRC last year OpenStuff.Net sponsored some Ayo posters.  Will they do
that again or should one of the Creadativs bring some?

> They are currently with Joerg Jaspert.  Is
> anyone who lives close to Joerg going to FOSDEM? 

1h train.  Yes.  I'll allready thought about that, too.

> We could then sell them there and give some to people going to other
> conferences.  The Debian posters would also be nice.

I'll ask my chauffeur if we can take some with us.  Shouldn't be a
problem to bring some of them.

Yours sincerely,


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