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Re: FOSDEM talk schedule, and some more things.

Op ma, 24-01-2005 te 17:43 +0000, schreef Steve McIntyre:
> On that point, I'll be driving over from the UK. If they would be
> appreciated, I could bring a stock of Debian T-shirts and polo shirts
> that we have left over from Expos in the UK...?

I'm sorry, I appear to not have answered to this yet.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

While I'm at it: I have a stock of flyers (200pcs, some dutch/french,
some german/english) that Joost sent me a few months ago, and I plan on
taking jazz (an m68k mac) with me. Having a second, much faster,
computer is likely a good idea; volunteers for that one are welcome.

Other than that, we'll likely need some more material. I understand the
Credativ people will be bringing some material (flyers, posters, etc)
with them, and that Osamu Aoki would be taking some network gear. Right?

Other than the above, do people have any suggestions as to what else we
could bring or show?

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