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Re: FOSDEM talk schedule, and some more things.

Op vr, 28-01-2005 te 15:28 +0100, schreef Alexander Schmehl:
> * Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> [050128 14:35]:
> > Having a second, much faster, computer is likely a good idea;
> > volunteers for that one are welcome.
> I should be able to bring my small barebone (AMD XP 2000+, 1GB RAM,
> should be fast enough to play tuxracer... show some productive things)

Sounds good. I'll write that down, then; thanks!

> and our beamer.

Beamers shouldn't be necessary -- these should be available.

> Perhaps I even find time to install Hurd on it :)

Heh. Nice :-)

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