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Re: LinuxDays.lu (25th/26th of January 2005): Organisational Things

Axel Beckert wrote:
> As already told in earlier mails, the booth will be organized together
> by Bob Hentges <bob.hentges@gmail.com> and me.


> Merchandising stuff
> ===================
> Joost, are there still Debian flyers left? If the number hasn't
> changed since 16th of December, could you send us 40 of each, FR/NL
> and DE/EN? Bob, can you send him your address for the flyers, so that
> the flyers are already in Luxembourg if anything goes wrong on my
> side?

s/Joost/Noèl/ ?

> Is there a possibility to get that Illiad poster with "Why Mike likes
> Debian" (http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/mike.html)? Especially, are
> there already copies available for selling?

I don't think so, somebody would have to print that graphic.

> Tolimar (our CEO: Chief Event Organisor ;-), Joey: What about other
> Debian stuff (CDs, t-shirts, key holders, other posters, etc.) to
> sell? Who can I contact for?

Noèl would be best for the ayo posters since credativ offered to
dispatch them.  For the other stuff Jörg would be your friend.

> http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/booth.html doesn't mention
> things like that very detailed, although the last few debian booths I
> saw seemed to have always the same merchandising stuff and show case.

Jörg and Tolimar have access to it.



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