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Re: Two conferences in France and Spain

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

I just foreward the information about two conferences I'd like to
apply for a talk.

Are you sure these conferences are serious?  I received an e-mail
about them and it looked liked spam.
Well, the initial mail from them made its way into my spam folder
as well but I was used to this from former conferences as well
because people who do not really know how to write a simple e-mail
tend to do such work.

I would definitely be interested in opinions like yours.  That's why
I was posting a quite complete correspondence to the list.  I decided
to send an abstract.  In case it will be accepted I will ask them
for paying of expenses with the following reasoning:

   I will give you my knowledge for free.  I will not ask free
   projects (like Debian) for paying my expenses to sponsor your
   conference.  I have no personal profit (except of touristical
   attractions ;-) ) from joining your conference (in contrast to
   a DebConf or something like that).  So either you will pay my
   travel and accomodation our you have to find somebody else.

Then see whether it is serious.  Would you think this is a good

Kind regards



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