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Two conferences in France and Spain

I just foreward the information about two conferences I'd like to
apply for a talk.

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Dear Dr Tille,

We are happy to learn that you are interested in IPSI - 2005 France/Spain conferences!

IPSI Bgd is a company formed with the help of Fraunhofer IPSI Germany. The company is specialized in R&D, VIP conference organization, and journal publication. IPSI stands for Internet, Processing, Systems for e-education/e-bussiness, and Interdisciplinaries.

Professor V. Milutinovic, the CEO of IPSI BgD, is a Fellow of the IEEE, and in the past he was on various faculty positions at Purdue University, for about a decade back in 1980s.

Here is major information about the conferences that you might find useful:
The deadline for submitting an abstract is January 7, 2005 for both conferences, and your abstract should be about 100 words long. The deadline for your paper is January 20 (France) and January 27, 2005. (Spain), full papers are limited to maximum 1MB and minimum 4 pages and they must be in PDF or DOC format. You are welcome to submit your abstract and paper to france@internetconferences.net and to spain@internetconferences.net. The paper then undergoes the process of internal reviewing (three IPSI reviewers examine the paper and after their decision your paper is unconditionally accepted/rejected for the conference)and, if your paper is accepted, external reviewing follows(you will get at least 5 reviews done by prominent experts from your field of research). You will most probably receive them by the end of February.

You are also welcome to prepare a presentation for the conference which must in PowerPoint or PDF format. The format of your paper is free, but the format of IEEE Transactions is the most welcome. Please send references and keywords with your paper.

The scope of the conference is relatively wide: Informatics, Internet, Computer Science and Engineering, Interdisciplinary Research, MBA, Internet aspects of Medicine, Education, Management, Law, etc. Of course, traditional Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Engineering Physics, or BioEngineering and Environment Protection, too. In other words, almost any scientific field is welcome, but we won't accept papers based on politics and religion, because they are quite sensitive issues that can trigger unpleasant reactions. I hope you understand our reasons. However, your area of research is completely acceptable.

The conference fee is e400 and for students it is e300. It covers a professional reviewing process, the conference program,a book of abstracts, a CD with full papers, and access to all lectures of the IPSI-2005 FRANCE/SPAIN. The conference fee is paid separately for each conference.

Unfortunately, IPSI does not cover the expenses of our speakers. However, you may be interested in our Minitrack rules - it is an opportunity for you to attend our conference FREE OF CHARGE:

Mini-Track Rules:

1. Each potential attendee is welcome to apply for a Mini-Track in her/his area of research. If the proposal is accepted, he/she becomes a Mini-Track chair. 2. Mini-Track chair invites the VIPs in the selected mini-track area, organizes a good quality review (with at least 5 reviews), and forwards the list (in the order of presentations) to the IPSI conference manager. 3. All papers and abstracts and names/affiliations and the presentation order of the Mini-Track should be sent to the conference manager no later than one month before the conference starting date. 4. The Mini-Track chair's conference fee is waived, if in addition to his presentation, at least 5 more presentations are scheduled, for which the authors have paid the conference fee.

Each speaker is alotted a slot of 30 minutes: 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussions.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We are looking forward to meeting you at the conference!

Best regards,
Olivera Gajcanski
Conference Manager

P.S. For further details, you can check out our website at: www.internetconferences.net
I am sure you can find details about our past conferences there.

Andreas Tille wrote:

On Fri, 24 Dec 2004, IPSI-2005 France and Spain wrote:

All IPSI BgD conferences are non-profit. They bring together the elite of the world of science; so far, we have had seven Nobel Laureates speaking at the opening ceremonies. The conferences always take place in some of the most attractive places of the world. All those who come to IPSI conferences once, always love to come back (because of the unique professional quality and the extremely creative atmosphere); lists of past participants are on the web, as well as details of future conferences.

I'd really love to speak at both conferences.

* Education
* e-Medicine
* e-Oriented Bio Engineering/Science and Molecular Engineering/Science

For these to topics a talk about Debian-Med would be appropriate.

* Environmental Protection
* e-Economy
* e-Law

For all these topica above I would love to propose a talk about Custom
Debian Distributions.

If you would like more information on either conference, please reply to this e-mail message.


If you plan to submit an abstract and paper, please let us know immediately for planning purposes.

I would like to submit an abstract, but to make it reasonable I would love
to hear your opinion what topic is most interestingly for you.  If it would
make sense I'm able to speak about Debian-Med as well as the more general
topic of Custom Debian Distributions.  To get an idea about these topics
you can find papers and former talks of mine at


I would then try to adopt to the scope of the conferences at my best.

I wish you a merry chistmas


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