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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

#include <hallo.h>
* Alexander Schmehl [Thu, Jul 01 2004, 11:14:33PM]:

> > Arne and IIRC Roland (at least two of the really big guys :-) managed
> > to tape the beamer to the booth walls' top last year quite good. You
> > could easily pass in front of the beamer's screen wihtout disturbing
> > the screen. (But I know, the LT organisation didn't like that solution
> > very much because of possible accidents...)
> We taped it again this year, but needed to remove it on one of the first
> days.

Tape is not very good (assurance-wise). Better use transport braces or
similar things with a technical certificate (CE etc.) and show that your
construction is not going to break easily.

"Das Schwein trägt seinen Namen nicht umsonst" - Stilblüten aus

Wenn der Schutzmann die Arme gespreizt hat, will er damit verkünden,
daß er keinen fahren läßt, weder von vorne, noch von hinten.

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