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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Moin Axel!

* Axel Beckert <abe@deuxchevaux.org> [040701 00:32]:

> IMHO any solution, which is forcing people to leave, is a bad
> solution. If it's crowded, it's crowded. And maybe the booth to small.
> Maybe a booth twice as deep could help. Front area for assigned booth
> staff, back area for others... Worked very well at Symlink, although
> we didn't have any assigments regarding booth staff. ;-)

IMVHO the booth is for visitors to get answers to their questions not
for Debianers to hack. Of course it is usefull to develop if you meet in
person. Many things are easier to solve, if you come together. But: We
don't need a both for that. We don't need a booth to hack, fix bugs,
work on talks or play frozzen-bubble.
All of this can be done everywhere, if necassary on the toilet,
therefore it is a waste of their money, if we get a booth sponsored, and
we keep and hacking and have problems answering visitors questions.

And yes, if the back of the booth is crowded by hacking DDs. We thought
to use the tables and computers in the back to be used for answering
complicated questions, where you better show the answer / Webpage /
whatever. To search with visitors together for an solution. If the
backtables are filled with hacking Debianers, you can't to that.

> ... except if you are female. *dg&r*

What about females weighting more than 100 KG?

/me hides.

> > Possible solution: Dark sunglasses for all visitors.
> That would look really cool. ;-)

LinuxTag 2005: Sponsored by the Blues Brothers!

> But seriously: IMHO some female booth staff wouldn't be a bad idea. (I
> apologize, if there was some, I didn't notice any during my visits at
> the Debian booth...)

No, there weren't any females manning ... sorry ... womanning ... well
... staffing the booth. Actually: I don't know of any event, where the
Debian booth was at least partly staffed by at least one woman.

Just a question for the audience: "Are there any women here today?"

> Arne and IIRC Roland (at least two of the really big guys :-) managed
> to tape the beamer to the booth walls' top last year quite good. You
> could easily pass in front of the beamer's screen wihtout disturbing
> the screen. (But I know, the LT organisation didn't like that solution
> very much because of possible accidents...)

We taped it again this year, but needed to remove it on one of the first

> > Possible solution: [...] Write your name on your mug, so you don't
> >   need to take four mugs a day.
> Hint: Masking tape (German: Kreppband) is easy to stick and remove on
> mugs and also easy to label. Doesn't look nice, but works. One or two
> rolls of masking tape and a few pens (thin eddings, etc.) should
> suffice...

Sorry, wrong translation: With my »mug« I meant "Plastikbecher", it is
called tumbler?

> One more point: Maybe there were just not enough of them, but when I
> bought two Debian posters, there were no rubber band to fix them for
> transport. We had to use a A4 Debian flyer and Scotch tape (German:
> Tesa, Tixo, etc.) to fix them without destroying them...

Good point! Forget that completly.

Yours sincerely,

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