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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

On Thu, Jul 01, 2004 at 11:14:33PM +0200, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Moin Axel!
> * Axel Beckert <abe@deuxchevaux.org> [040701 00:32]:
> > IMHO any solution, which is forcing people to leave, is a bad
> > solution. If it's crowded, it's crowded. And maybe the booth to small.
> > Maybe a booth twice as deep could help. Front area for assigned booth
> > staff, back area for others... Worked very well at Symlink, although
> > we didn't have any assigments regarding booth staff. ;-)
> IMVHO the booth is for visitors to get answers to their questions not
> for Debianers to hack. Of course it is usefull to develop if you meet in
> person. Many things are easier to solve, if you come together. But: We
> don't need a both for that. We don't need a booth to hack, fix bugs,
> work on talks or play frozzen-bubble.
> All of this can be done everywhere, if necassary on the toilet,
> therefore it is a waste of their money, if we get a booth sponsored, and
> we keep and hacking and have problems answering visitors questions.
> And yes, if the back of the booth is crowded by hacking DDs. We thought
> to use the tables and computers in the back to be used for answering
> complicated questions, where you better show the answer / Webpage /
> whatever. To search with visitors together for an solution. If the
> backtables are filled with hacking Debianers, you can't to that.

Bah, i was asked to leave, even though i was waiting for a guy who i
helped do an install on his laptop. It was ok with me, because i wasn't
sure he would come back, nor when, but we finished the install on the
floor in the unofficial hacking area with him, so ...

That said, i have no problem with being asked to go to the hacking area,
i didn't know about it beforehand, but chairs and tables would have been
very welcome.


Sven Luther

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