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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Alex, thanks for the good list.

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> - If you are at the booth, and female visitors come to you, don't stare
>   at their breasts (or at least don't dislocate to do so).
> Possible solution: Don't allow female visitors to enter the exhibition
>   hall.

Err...  *cough*

> - Booth people didn't know whom they could contact if visitors asked
>   questions they couldn't answer.

Shouldn't there be information about sub-projects available at the booth
that could be handed out to visitors?

> - We run out of food to fast (okay, my fault). Well, the solution would
>   be to buy more food, but I disliked the idea to throw away uneaten food
>   at the evening, and didn't knew how much people will be arround the
>   next day. 

Food is a problem all the time.  I've also had too much foo due to
incorrect planning and told some projects that they're invited for
lunch so I don't have to throw it away.

> Possible solution: Buy more, give it away for free (to other boothes) in
>   the evening, if we really have to much.

Don't open it up for everybody too late.

> - There was much personal stuff (like backpacks) at the booth, which
>   gave the booth a quite chaoting view. Although you might argue that
>   this matches our project quite good, I would prefer if you wouldn't
>   bring personal stuff which you don't need all the time to our booth.
> Possible solution: Get a storeroom like last year, or bring your personal
>   stuff to the hacking area (hopefully there will be one).

There was storage space and it was announced in the sixth infomail:

If you don't need random access during the day, it was suited perfectly.

If merchandise at the booth takes too much space, and the booth should
be used for the projects' products after all and not for merchandise,
we can move merchandise into the Stadthalle.  The left bar is unused
except for business congress registration.  There's also a bit of
storage space within the counter.  It could be separated into 1-4
parts for 1-4 projects.



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