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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Good ... oh... it isn't dark outside... morning!

> Alex, thanks for the good list.

You are welcome.

I'm thinking of writing a HOWTO, so if you (readers on the list) have
sugestions, please Mail them. It would be cool, if you could find
pictures showing the positive or negative aspect of a booth (not only limited
to Debian).

Well, if I have the time to prepare it probaly I'm going to do a talk
about this (but I'm not yet sure if people will come see it).

It would be really cool, to have a talk like »Conference Presentation
Judo« [1] next year.

 1: http://perl.plover.com/yak/presentation/

> > - If you are at the booth, and female visitors come to you, don't stare
> >   at their breasts (or at least don't dislocate to do so).
> > Possible solution: Don't allow female visitors to enter the exhibition
> >   hall.
> Err...  *cough*

Okay if you don't like this solution, what about giving the booth
personal those kind of collar bandages with which you can't look down?

> > - Booth people didn't know whom they could contact if visitors asked
> >   questions they couldn't answer.
> Shouldn't there be information about sub-projects available at the booth
> that could be handed out to visitors?

Yes there was. This was more a general problem. For example one visitor
asked a very special question about bootiso (or something similar).
While the booth was to crowded to search the net, I didn't know to whom
I could refer.

> If merchandise at the booth takes too much space, and the booth should
> be used for the projects' products after all and not for merchandise,
> we can move merchandise into the Stadthalle.  The left bar is unused
> except for business congress registration.  There's also a bit of
> storage space within the counter.  It could be separated into 1-4
> parts for 1-4 projects.

I don't think a general merchandising booth would work very well. People
come to us to buy from us, and to support us. The "key ties" (what is
the englisch word for "Schlüsselband?") sold well at our booth, while
they were shelf warmer at Kernel Concept and LinuxLand.

I fear, if we tell our visitors "Please visit the mechandising booth in
the other hall" they won't spend as much money as they did the last

Great god, did I really argued with the sales volume? I need a break...

Yours sincerely,

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