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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Alexander Schmehl wrote:

> - The staff from the subprojects were not at the booth all the
>   time (but it was much much better than last year), leaving the "normal"
>   Debian staff with questions they couldn't answer.
You are right here and I'd love to make it better.  The problem was partly
caused that if you are dealing with special stuff (medicine in my case)
LinuxTag people regard you as qualified for moderating sessions or doing
other staff and just recruit you away from your booth duties.

> Possible solution: If you leave your subprojects booth, leave
>   a) you cellphone number, so we can phone you back
Not a real solution, if you are moderating talks to behave like bloody
bastards who do not know that phone calls disturb the talk.

>   b) leave a big note, telling everyone (visitors included) when you
>      will be back
Correct.  We should fix this for the next time by preparing apropriate
sheats of paper and glue to fix it at the apropriate place (don't know
how big "gelbe Zettel" might be ...)

> - We run out of food to fast (okay, my fault). Well, the solution would
>   be to buy more food, but I disliked the idea to throw away uneaten food
>   at the evening, and didn't knew how much people will be arround the
>   next day.
Perhaps the next booth personal should be informed to care for more food
once we were run out?

> Possible solution: Buy more, give it away for free (to other boothes) in
>   the evening, if we really have to much.
I think if we proceed like I suggested above we would not have really to

> Possible solution: Get a storeroom like last year, or bring your personal
>   stuff to the hacking area (hopefully there will be one).
The store room last year was a good idea.

> - Some speakers prepared their talk for the wrong audience.
> Possible solution: If you are going to do a talk at a DebianDay next
>   year, don't forget that the audience will be mainly Debian Developers
>   and experienced users.
Definitely a good hint.

Kind regards


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