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Microsoft at LinuxTag

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as some of you probably already know, Microsoft will be having their own booth 
at LinuxTag.

There has been a discussion on the LinuxTag Mailinglist 
german), I'll try to summarize it a bit:
Although I generally think it's a more than bad idea to have MS at LinuxTag, 
there is nothing we can do about it anymore.
The decision in favour of a booth for Microsoft has been made because we 
*know* that what they say is wrong and because we can deal with every FUD 
they may spread.
My personal feeling still is: There is no room for Microsoft at LinuxTag. They 
don't fit in and they don't have the right to be there. That is because of 
how they treated and still tread the community, Free Software and OpenSource 
- - without any respect. They have even been insulting us personally.
It neither is a matter of freedom of speech since the LinuxTag is after all a 
private and uncommercial initiative and a community project. Microsoft has no 
right they could demand.
I also don't think it would have been that bad a sign to the world if LinuxTag 
had disobeyed their wish to have a booth since fighting them actively at 
LinuxTag will be no easier.
But it would be no good idea to draw back now and take back the acceptance.

However, we have a Microsoft booth at the LinuxTag this year and I don't want 
them to spread FUD without at least *trying* to do something against it.
So I'm thinking of making flyers, posters and T-Shirts (there is one draft for 
a shirt I have been thinking of for a year now - 
http://lt.linuxforce.de/lt2k4.php?itemid=156 (partly german)).
But I need the free project booths to support me or even people to join in 
with me.

I've been setting up some blog on my website (http://lt.linuxforce.de/ there's 
no english version, atm) to start planning our actions but I think a wiki 
might be much more effective so I've started content at LinuxWiki.org:
http://linuxwiki.de/LinuxTag2004_2fMicrosoftNoFUDen (english version)
http://linuxwiki.de/LinuxTag2004_2fMicrosoftNoFUD (german version)

Thanks for your attention,
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