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Re: Microsoft at LinuxTag

On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 06:29:00PM +0200, Sebastian Raible wrote:
> as some of you probably already know, Microsoft will be having their own booth 
> at LinuxTag.
> There has been a discussion on the LinuxTag Mailinglist 
> (http://mailman.linuxtag.org/pipermail/lt2k/2004-May/thread.html#668, 
> german), I'll try to summarize it a bit:

During the last two years, Microsoft was attented the "solutions linux"
(French LinuxExpo). Everything was calm, and things went pretty
smoothly. We simply ignore them. OpenSource represent a Market for M$,
so what? People running their booth are paid for it, they are doing
their job. They were attending this event more as a spectator than
everything else.

We have nothing to prove to eyes of Microsoft employees. Stay
yourself :-)

The only thing that it reveals is that FOSS is a real problem for
Microsoft. They consider us a real threat.

My 2¢,
                                Pierre Machard
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