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Re: schedule for DebianDay at LinuxTag 2.0

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> > This won't work since we don't have slots that start at *:30.  All
> > slots start at *:00.
> If the speakers won't fill a fill slot, we could force them, or we could
> just leave the room empty.

Leaving a room empty, finishing a talk early is no problem.

Starting late and starting early is bad since it would confuse
visitors and the audience.

The Debian Day has to fit into the general workshop schedule since it
is announced within.  Changing it and annoncing two different times
will confuse people which is something we should avoid.

> So I fear we can't avoid to start some talks at half past something, but
> I'll reduce them, in version 3.0 of the schedule.

This will be a problem, please don't try that.  You'd end up with
something like:

Official LinuxTag Website, posters, handouts etc.

   13:00 Alexander Schmehl   Why foo is better for bar than baz

and Debian flyers

   13:30 Alexander Schmehl   Why foo is better for bar than baz

Don't do that.  It will confuse people.

> >  a) There is no explicit lunch break.  This is how the schedule was
> >     handled during past years for both workshops and the free
> >     conference program.
> >
> >     Rationale: Only very few people will want to listen to every talk
> >       on a day, so they will probably get a chance to visit a caterer,
> >       bakery or the booth to fetch something to eat/drink.  Also,
> >       those who plan to attend all talks can still have a
> >       lunch-package that they can use when the speaker changes.
> That was my first idea, but after Geert Stappers mail, I asked in
> #debian.de in irc and opn. At least 10 people thougt, it would be a good
> idea to have a luch-break. No one (but me) thought we don't need one.

Well, then leave the lunch slot empty and move a talk to the next day,
but be sure there won't be a clash with another Debian related talk

> >  b) There will be an explicit lunch break, i.e. an unused slot during
> >     lunch-time.
> Allthough I dislike the idea of having an unused slot, no one will stop
> you from setting a talk from an other project in this slot.

Of course not.  But it doesn't necessarily have to be a talk from the
Debian day.  If people are still interested, that's out of your scope. 

> >  c) There will be a talk of a completely different scope in the
> >     "lunch-slot", so that those people who listened before, won't
> >     attend this talk and hence have a break.
> But the talks allready have a different scope!

Well... *sigh*  *shrug*  I dunno...

> CDDs, FAI, Hurd, Kernel-Packaging, sarge, di-internals, building DEBs,
> backporting infrastructure, UML (perhaps).

Is there a way to find out which people would listen to which talk?

I.e. would those who are interested in CDD also be interested in UML?

Can two mostly distinct groups be found?  :)

> On the one hand it is quite easy to find two talks, which cover qite
> different topics, where you could guess, that no one would like to visit
> both of them, but on the other hand, people tend to go talks, which
> cover quite different topics.

Except for the exception, of course. :)

> > You can still move some talks to the next day as long as there are
> > unused slots.  That way, you could install an explicit lunch-break
> > without losing content.
> I just got the request for a talk about user mode linux, but still
> looking for a speaker (someone sugested Thorsten Sauter, but I couldn't
> reach him, yet).
> If I find one, it will be held on an other day, since I realy like to
> stop discussing about the schedule and concentrate on more important
> things - the UML request just arrived, when I finished version 3.0.

UML is not exactly Debian related, is it?  Hence, this talk could also
placed outside the Debian day, if that would help things.



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