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Re: Linuxtag 2004: Different Stuff

* Sven Hoexter <sven@timegate.de> [040518 15:09]:

>> At least one of the computers has a 52x burner [1].
> Donno if it is a problem with my hardware but I made bad experience
> burning faster then 12x. [..] With everything faster then 12x I've
> always files with non matching md5sum on the Disk.

IIRC we tested that system at the last LinuxWorldExpo in Frankfurt. IIRC
we burned 4 or 5 images with 24x speed without any problems.

Well, if this doesn't work we can still slow them down (since we are
going to burn images in advance and we have more than one burner, this
shouldn't be a big Problem).

Yours sincerely,

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