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Re: Covers for 2004 Pt. I

Martin Schulze wrote:
> Lennart Droste wrote:
> > > > And for the space of the sponsors: their logos will be placed on the
> > > backside of
> > > > the cover right under the installation instruction. So there will be no
> > > space
> > > > needed for their logos on the front-cover.
> > > 
> > > I'm not sure our sponsors would like that, since in the past the
> > > sponsors were mentioned on the front cover and on the CD in the
> > > past, not only on the backside.  I also think that we should
> > > be proud of the sponsors to place them on the front cover.
> > 
> > Ok, so I need the logos of the sponsors before I can go on doing the layout for
> > the covers.
> If you leave a white horizontal or vertical bar, that should be
> sufficient.  You can add the logos at any time later, since they
> are most probably rendered against a white background.

Maybe Alexander triggers the Sponsors from last year. For this purpose I`ll
have the logo`s lying here around. Just Mail me if they does`nt sent in
time... or get the XCF-tarballs from the last Covers.



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