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Re: Covers for 2004 Pt. I

Lennart Droste wrote:
> > of the earth. And always keep in mind that you need quite some space for the
> > sponsors.
> I was thinking about this, too. But then again I though that the LinuxTag is a
> german event. And when you come here and get stuff for takeaway and as a
> personal memory, wouldn't it be nice to have something in german on it? 

Well, it's an international event located in Germany.
(because nobody created it elsewere :)

> > http://lennart.droste.eu.org/debian/2004_cover_hand_vorne.jpg
> > That one looks too simple.
> Thats what it is intented to be. Simple and eye-catching.

I guess what Sven was trying to say is that it's looking too simplistic,
maybe a bit childish or simple-art-ish (or something I fail to be able
to describe).

> > http://lennart.droste.eu.org/debian/2004_cover_suedsee_vorne.jpg
> > No space for sponsors left and no Debian colors.
> Do the debian colors have to be on the front-cover? I was inspired by this one
> when walking through the city today and having a look at a local travel agency.
> Sommer is coming and with it some nice memories to be created, time for
> recreation and new possibilities. I thought this cover would lift off from
> other normal software-covers. Instead of showing a cd, a keyboard with a hand
> or a screenshot with code it simply shows a nice recreational landscape. :)
> And for the space of the sponsors: their logos will be placed on the backside of
> the cover right under the installation instruction. So there will be no space
> needed for their logos on the front-cover.

I'm not sure our sponsors would like that, since in the past the
sponsors were mentioned on the front cover and on the CD in the
past, not only on the backside.  I also think that we should
be proud of the sponsors to place them on the front cover.



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