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Covers for 2004 Pt. I

Hey there gang,

so I've been in the lab - literally - and did my first quartett of covers. The
current sets have been heavily changed from my previous ideas. I did avoid to
use black as a background - I didn't know about the recent deaths of two debian
programmers - and I don't want to raise any sad feelings or thoughfull
connections with the covers.

As you might see, the covers itself are created to be easy to look at and catch
attention as good as they can on a 120x120 millimeters base. I had the idea to
make the front-covers look like posters announcing the debian system and the
backside of the cover to include all necessary information like: version,
readme and sponsor ads, as there is plenty space on the backside.

I still have two more covers 'in layout-phase' which I will spread by tomorrow
or on monday. Hope you enjoy having a look at these:


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