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Re: Linuxtag: Boothwear / Catering

* Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@ist.org> [040423 16:33]:

>  Food on the other hand is something that would be a good idea to
> think about, so not all have to leave but one could go shopping to a
> nearby supermarket or such and fetch something after taking a list. Did
> I mention already that people tend to have different tastes?

IIRC we searched last year quite a while, but didn't find a supermarket
near to the congess centre.

And, well... last year it was quite chaoting having bread rolls
(Brötchen), butter, cheese and all those on a small tray in a small
room, where we tried to store our luggage and everything. If you ask me,
it would be much more easier (and cleaner), to get some ready to eat
brötchen by the nearby bakery. We just need a rough estimation, how many
people will be there, and order them one day before.

Yours sincerely,

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