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Re: Linuxtag: Boothwear / Catering

* Joerg Jaspert <linuxtag@ganneff.de> [2004-04-17 22:54]:
> Another "pool of money" I got from a sponsor can be used for the
> already mentioned "Boothwear" and maybe for catering for the booth.
> First the catering: I dont know if we should ask some business thing to
> bring us things or simply buy the stuff ourself. What do you think?

 No catering, please. When I hear catering I think of expensive small
pieces of bread with seafood on it. Not everyone likes everything; and
to get the list of things people don't eat before the event to
coordinate would make it even more expensive.

 Food on the other hand is something that would be a good idea to
think about, so not all have to leave but one could go shopping to a
nearby supermarket or such and fetch something after taking a list. Did
I mention already that people tend to have different tastes?

> The boothwear: As mentioned from different people before we should have
> something unique for the poeple manning the booth. A T-Shirt with a
> special design only for us comes to my mind there. But Im very bad in
> design stuff, so please make some suggestions. IMO it should include
> both, Debian and Linuxtag, ie. be special for this event.

 Makes sense, yes.

> Quantity: I think about 1-Shirt / day for everyone there. Taking 10
> people/day would give 30 T-Shirts. Of course they are a bit more
> expensive as they are only a small series. But that doesnt matter that much.

 Personally I don't see the need for 1 shirt a day, 1 for all three days
should be sufficient. Some spare of course, for people with big
transpiration or if someone gets some food on them does on the other
hand make sense to me....

> What do you think about "Name badges" of metal this year?

 Do you think metal is needed? Why not some color printed ones in some
plastic cover to stick on the shirt are usually enough, too.

 Don't get me wrong: I just don't see the need to spend everything we
can get, sometimes sponsors are generous if you don't eat up all their
money and might be willing to sponsor later again, and/or in different
sections, too. This section though is none that I would consider a
really critical one.

 So long,
P.S.: No, I haven't read all the answers yet. I rather wanted to answer
   unbiased from the other answers so far; so there might be some
   repeated statements (or not, because people tend to disagree with
   me more and more often).
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