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Re: I'm really astonished (Was: LinuxTag 2004)

[I guess you will not throw any hard stuff on me if I quote
you in public, because I'm not the main organizer of the Debian
booth ...]

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Kurt Gramlich wrote:

> * Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> [040422 10:32]:
> > On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Maximilian Wilhelm wrote:
> >
> > > Little comment to the situation last year:
> > >  We were around 3 or 4 people, including Kurt, Frank and me, who were on
> > >  the one hand presenting SL, at the debian booth, and on the other hand
> > >  were helping organizeing the LinuxTag. So there was no way to ensure,
> > >  that there is someone of us at the debian booth all the time.
> > >  This might - hopefully - change this year, as there are more people,
> > >  joining the force :-)
> > As I said: I'm not among the people criticising your behaviour.  I really
> > like your work but we have to fix this and the first step is to *contact*
> > the Debian booth team and *explain* *them* (not me) how you plan to care
> > for Debian-Edu / SkoleLinux.  There were rumors that SkoleLinux and Pingos
> > wanted to share a booth (at least *I* know, that this is not really true),
> > but if *you* do not fix those rumors at the relevant places (see the links
> > I posted) you will end up without a booth which will be a real shame.  So
> > please join the discussion at debian-events-eu immediately.
> 1) at linuxtag 2004 we plan to have a classroom with skolelinux
Nice - but I guess this is not concerned to the Debian booth.

> 2) martin herweg has started to coordinate, please have a look at
> http://www.skolelinux.de/wiki/LinuxtagSkolelinux
If Martin need space at the Debian booth he should get in contact
with the organizers and should definitely subscribe debian-events-eu.

> 3) Bert from the German squeak group will give a lecture for teachers in
> this classroom
See 1).

> 4) i am still planning a little schoolserver developer conference at linuxtag
> Linuxmusterlösung, GEE Schulserver, Novell/SuSE, Arktur, Slix
> will be invited, perhaps the austrian slix developer are coming,
> and i would like to have the spanish people from LinEx and
> quardalinux in Karlsruhe
See 1).

> 5) there is a big interess for demonstration of skolelinux in
> practice from teachers
Do you need space or people from the Debian booth.  If yes, see 2).

> we need help from debian people
> - theire are always a lot of questions about debian
> we still need hardware
Not from me (see 2) ).

> - we need mor thin clients
> we need support from karlsruhe linux user group, because the
> classroom is in their neighborhoud
See 1).

> - to get monitors and other tecnical things
> we need support from the pingos
OK. See 1) and ask Pingos.  You should subscribe Pingos list ...

> - to answer the teachers questions
See 1).

> and i hope, that we will have as much helpers from the german
> skolelinux team, as in chemnitz
Sure, but you have your own list to gather the "German SkoleLinux guerilla".

> so everybody who has time and interest, please write in our wiki
> http://www.skolelinux.de/wiki/LinuxtagSkolelinux
To repeat myself: Nobody from the Debian team has time to watch
this Wiki.  We need your requirements for the booth and the
guarantee, that competent people will settle your part of the booth
(if you really want a part - which you not yet explicitely requested).
So I would love to sit next to SkoleLinux / Debian-Edu people but
I can not ask for this place for you.

Kind regards


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