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Re: Debian Day at Linuxtag 2004

Am Mi, den 07.04.2004 schrieb Joerg Jaspert um 23:37:
> Hi

Ho ;)

> If we want to have a Debian Day this year we need to have a plan of it
> real soon now. So if you want one: Come up with talks you want to held,
> how long you need, etc. :)

The talk I proposed (Building Your Own Repository Infrastructure) is
under preparation ;) 30 minutes at the end of the Day would suffer as it
did last year.

Because of the LT Program Commitee accepted my proposal (Backporting &
Packaging in Debian) and since they have a (soon) deadline for the
complete materials I'm not able anymore to support the preparation of
the CD/DVD (I haven't found anything usefull regarding the dual-arch
booting yet anyway).

Best regards,

Daniel E. Atencio Psille <dea@atencio.de>

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