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Re: Debian Day at Linuxtag 2004

On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, Alexander Schmehl wrote:

> > So I see no real evidence to repeat the same workshop again and find out
> > that we have to do it but nobody likes to start really.  If somebody
> > thinks we should try again, just speak up now.
> AFAIK Fabian Franz ist preparing something, I think he will be there,
> too. So at least we should to try to take him away for a while, and lets
> see, whats going on, and what we could do.
While I like to hear what Fabian is doing in a talk / workshop
at Debian day he told me that he stopped his work on the topic above
because he is doing other Knoppix related stuff.

Fabian, could you comment on this whether you like to speak?

Kind regards


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