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Re: Linuxtag 2004: Boothplan

On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> For now there are the simple things we always have:
> - a beamer to show things to visitors (and to run bb)
Perhaps it is time for a cc covering the Swirl and some famous Debian
developers. ;-)

> A thing already discussed a bit is "Sub-Projects". They are welcome as
Last year we had some trouble with SkoleLinux because there was not enouth
coordination.  We should fix this this year.  SkoleLinux = Debian-Edu
should be represented in the right way.  Because at LinuxTag Chemnitz
I was sponsored by creating a Debian-Med poster and perhaps it would be
possible to provide some more general information about Custom Debian
Distributions I would love to have a "CDD-corner".  I would volunteer to
be present often in this corner, where "often" means I would like to keep
me out of the normal boot stuff scedule and find another volunteer perhaps
from the SkoleLinux team to care for this part.  Experiences showed that
people from time to time drop in to ask for this special purposes and
thus it would be good if always somebody is around who cares for them.

I'm thinking about preparing a special CDD-Flyer using the Layout of
our current flyer.  BTW - I guess we should upgrade our Flyer to Sarge.
Even if it would not be released at this time it will surely be in not
so far future and we should not provide old information.

> a. At least two people from that subproject should be responsible for
>    it. One should always be at/near the booth, so if a visitor asks we
>    dont need to answer with "Sorry, i dont know, nowhere here who knows
>    it". If that happens (unfortunately it did in the last years) there
>    is no need to show the things.
Regarding the "official CDDs" I did my statement above.  I'm not
competent enough for others.

> b. Have a sheet of facts ready 3 weeks before the Linuxtag
>    starts. Print it out and bring it to the LT with all your other
>    stuff, so you can give some away. But more important: Other people
>    manning our booth can read that and answer visitors questions if you
>    are busy, having at least basic knowledge of the thing.
Good idea.  Would it be possible to ask the sponsors of our general Debian
flyer to care for those "similiar shaped" flyers as well?

> c. "Declare" how much space you need so we can get Joey to give us even
>    more booth space. :)
This depends from the response to my suggestion above.

Thanks for organizing LT 2004


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