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Re: Linuxtag 2004: Boothplan

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Hi
> No, not the plan of people manning the booth, not now. This one is for
> "What do we want to show at the booth?"
> For now there are the simple things we always have:
> - a beamer to show things to visitors (and to run bb)
> - some (i386) pcs to show/do different things on. All with TFTs.
> A thing we can do is to show the new d-i on the beamer, as we did the
> last years with the boot-floppies installer. :)

Would it make sense to schedule such a demo thrice a day at 11:00,
14:00 and 17:00 and announce this schedule on an A3 printout so
visitors can plan their visit to meet such a presentation?

> The hardware for this is available. Including all network/powercable
> stuff we may need. And a server with a Debian Mirror of sarge/sid (lets
> hope we dont need woody in June :) ).

Stop smoking what you smoke, it's not good for you. :)

> If you want to show different hardware like powerpc, mips, sparc,
> whatever - mail me and i consider this. The final decision will be
> taken after we got info from Joey how big our booth is, but we need to
> tell him first what we want to do with it, so he can make it REALLY big
> for us. :)

Since PowerPC machines, especially powerboox, are quite proliferated,
it would probably make sense to have one such machine at the booth to
show people how well it is supported.

> b. Have a sheet of facts ready 3 weeks before the Linuxtag
>    starts. Print it out and bring it to the LT with all your other
>    stuff, so you can give some away. But more important: Other people
>    manning our booth can read that and answer visitors questions if you
>    are busy, having at least basic knowledge of the thing.

Just to ensure you understand the date, this refers to June 1st.

I'd also like to receive a text (or html) version of it to be placed
on the web pages, so at least our booth staff can read (and
comment/rant) about it before LinuxTag.  This is not a requirement, I
guess, but it would be nice.

> Here is a list of "subprojects" i know of today. Please fill out empty
> fields or correct things im wrong with.
> |Project  |Website   |People (should be 2 or more)   |Hardware?|Facts?|Comments|
> +---------+----------+-------------------------------+---------+------+--------+
> |M23      |m23.sf.net|Daniel Kasten                  |Client,  |None  |        |
> |         |          |<Danielkasten@web.de>          |Server,  |      |        |
> |         |          |Hauke Goos-Habermann           |TFT      |      |        |
> |         |          |<hhabermann@pc-kiel.de>        |         |      |        |
> +---------+----------+-------------------------------+---------+------+--------+
> |Adamantix|          |Christian Ney                  |         |None  |        |
> |         |          |<chris@roothell.org>           |         |      |        |
> +---------+----------+-------------------------------+---------+------+--------+
> |FAI      |Pkg: fai  |Thomas Lange                   |TFT,     |None  |        |
> |         |          |<lange@informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE>|Notebook,|      |        |
> |         |          |                               |PC,      |      |        |
> |         |          |                               |Poster A0|      |        |
> +---------+----------+-------------------------------+---------+------+--------+
> Anything i missed?

Skolelinux, but they probably are at the PingoS booth.



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