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Re: LinuxTag 2003-Info

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 08:03:25AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:

> Please remove your too restrictive (to not say broken and other less
> sympathic things) spam filter when asking about replies for LinuxTag.
> Filtering out France biggest ISP seems a bit strange to me, are you sure
> whoever you trust for your spam filtering rules is not crap, severly
> outdated, or maybe even having hidden agendas ?

And one of the biggest italian ISPs, too.  I definitely agree that such
aggressive blacklisting for an address used to organize a conference are
a very bad idea.

Given the results, I'd also suggest that some of the blacklists in use
are quite questionable.  In particular, this is the first time that I
have similar problems.  Please see http://www.blars.org/errors/block.html
for instructions on when *not* to use that service.

Since I had something important to ask, and since it's probably not a
good idea to send private messages to this mailing list to circumvent
draconian antispam settings, could someone please tell me at what
address could I forward my original message?

/me could forward an smtp port in an ssh tunnel from some .debian.org
    machine, but does not feel like the problem is on his part



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